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Freight Forwarding Service

Freight Forwarding

There are many ways of Freight available in the Freight forwarding industry, performs as a carrier via Air, Ocean, Road and Railway Freight. These procedures are used especially for international transportation purposes. A licensed and insured Freight Forwarding company offers services and solutions to various customers and businesses whilst coordinating the shipments and process as a whole on behalf of the customer.

A Freight Forwarding company offers solutions and services under, Customs Clearance, Export and Import documentation process, Insurance, Packing, Storage and Warehouse solutions to inventory management. The prime objective of a Freight Forwarding company is to ensure the goods will be arrived at the location overseas or even locally.

Suitable Freight Forwarding Solutions with Asian Movers

With the thousands of Freight Forwarding Companies Island wide, there are sole organizations who handles Road, Sea and Air cargo, then the question may arise as what would hold us in handling Freight Forwarding inquiries as one of the renowned Movers in Sri Lanka.

At Asian Movers, we serve our clients with the best Freight Forwarding and supply chain solutions to organize the shipments to move your goods to various countries and locations.

Our expertise are in to international trade, custom brokerage, freight forwarding and 3PL solutions with the exposure we carry having a larger network of reputed agents worldwide to handle the operation in a customized system depending on our customers' needs. The relationship we hold with various agents been always a "way to go" experience with the best rates and service we receive through them.

Being a Moving service and offering Freight forwarding solutions has established rapport and greater relationships with our clients, who seeks services from us. Asian Movers, is enriched as a team with a management of visionary leaders in house, to handle the Freight Forwarding inquiries we receive from renowned corporate brands. Our team is strong with the experts in knowledge, qualifications and several number of years of experience in the industry. We are aligned to be the professionals in the business, maintain values and both ethical and social responsibilities whilst being a leading service and a solution provider.

Your deliberation to select Asian Movers, will shelter a vast zone of services in moving, packing labelling to numerous services we offer in house, under one roof with the most bespoke solutions. Our Customers benefits in trusting us whilst in return they are served with quality and flexibility.

Freight Forwarding Services Sri lanka