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International Moving made fast and easy

Make it fast and easy

Anyone who has moved once in their life will tell you that moving is a bit of a hassle, but we're here to tell you that although it may be true for many, it doesn't have to be true for you.Yes, moving is a strenuous, complicated and lengthy process and it can cause you to break down or lose your cool, thus making you forget or overlook things that may be important.

We are here to break down your move and help you through the process step by step so that you can have a smoother move experience altogether with tips and tricks that we've acquired throughout.

Domestic moving itself is a problem for most people, International moving is a whole other ballgame.

As movers in Colombo, We at Asian Movers realize that moving is only one of your priorities on a list of things you have to be done, like getting a job or a house, or just adjusting to your job/house, and adapting to a different culture.

We're here so that you have one less thing to worry about. Imagine losing important papers or damaging boxes, facing issues with customs in an unknown country or having your insurance claims rejected, if you think this is bad, things can get worse. Which is why you need professional movers and packers to help you out. Hey, we all need help sometimes, it's better to hire help and have a smooth relocation than otherwise.

We, here at Asian Movers have had over two thousand customers like you who've moved with us and had one of the most pleasant moves of their lives. You can get a free move quote right now.

Now we know you may have questions yourself, but here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding international moving that we've answered for you.

#1. When should I call a moving company to discuss an international relocation?

When moving abroad, you need to plan ahead to reduce any anxiety and surprise when you arrive at your destination.

This is why it is always better to talk to a professional packing & moving company well before you move.

Ideally, you should call Asian Movers Sri Lanka at least 4 weeks in advance of your move. This gives both you, and us, ample time to prepare and plan for the move.

#2. What happens when I call Asian Movers?

As soon as you contact us, an expert relocation consultant from our office will get in touch with you and fix an appointment for a house visit.

Our Move Consultant will explain to you in detail all the aspects of an international move including packing, crating, shipping, transit times, insurance, unpacking, removal of debris and temporary or long-term storage facilities that you may need.

Our experienced move advisor will also inform you about the other services that we provide such as Pet Relocation, Vehicle Relocation, Storage Solutions, Fine Art & Exhibition Cargo Handling, Office Move, House Move, Piano Move, Safe Move, Origin service, Destination service and Commercial Moving so that you can choose what’s appropriate to your situation.

Our experienced move specialist will then plan your move. He will study your requirements in detail, pre-move survey the household possessions that need to be moved, and get back to you with the cost, timelines, and shipping options.

Once you get your move plan, you can make the final choices for your move based on the indicated budgets.

#3. What happens when I call Asian Movers?

Do note that hazardous materials and inflammable items such as gas canisters, aerosol cans, and firearms, cannot be shipped.

Please also leave out any perishable goods, or any other item that could leak, or cause significant damage to the items around it.

Your experienced move advisor from Asian Movers will explain to you the full list of items that cannot be shipped or transported.

#4. Do you provide insurance? How do I calculate the amount of insurance?

Yes, we do.

Asian Movers will help you at each step of your move and provide coverage for household and personal effects during an international move. The expert move advisor at Asia Movers will guide you through the insurance process.

When filling the international valuation insurance paperwork do keep in mind that in the case of any damage, you will have to get a replacement for the item in the destination country and so the value should be based on the currency of your destination country.

#5. How do I find the latest customs clearance information?

The information on customs clearance keeps changing frequently so it is best to get in touch with Asian Movers or the embassy in your city to verify the dos and dont's of international shipping to a particular country.

There's are various reasons we call ourselves experts in moving, one of them being, we help you move anything from your plants, machinery, offices, art and more to about 190 countries.

Asian Movers established as a Colombo based packing and moving company in 2013. Now we're premier moving company handling all types of moves – local relocations, commercial moves, office relocations, and international removals.

Over 200,000 people have trusted us to pack and move their house, office, hotel, restaurant, plant, and machinery. We are delighted to serve executives, families, and CEOs, all over the world.

We are accredited with the best moving associations, known for their international service quality standards, globally. This means that you can rest assured when you do business with Asian Movers.