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Piano Moving Service

Piano Moving

Do you require assistance to shift your Piano from your studio to a different location?

A Piano, with twelve thousand individual parts with its complexity, is one of the most luxurious and the weightiest musical instrument that requires insightful attention when shifting to locations. As it carries the sensitivity in detailed strings, keys to every other part connects together for the sentimental value.

Asian Movers are well recognized among the moving companies in offering safest solutions and services in piano movers from location to another. Our well trained Piano movers, who works day in and out to move considerable number of Pianos in a week, are conscious of the process in moving any category of Pianos in the most suitable and using the safest techniques. From removing the legs, pedals, and the music stands to anything that is detachable is a necessity prior moving the instrument

We move all types of Pianos from various locations and cities around the country. We handle clients who are renowned musical tycoons when they require to shift the instrument on a regular basis for musical programmes and recordings. We have a client portfolio of Piano sellers who obtain our services for their business and for the customers of their own.

Our team offers the safest storage options when moving the Piano as we are accountable for any damages can occur due to the climate and humidity, which can harm the instrument. If the strategies are not followed appropriately, the injuries may befall on the instrument which is a costly loss. We have specialized trucks to transport the Pianos safely to the destined locations. Our professionals are well skillful and experts, they are responsible in taking the required safety measures for you to have a peace of mind, that your instrument is being moved by the "right piano movers".

Asian Movers strive to emphasis on the quality and the customer service to the customers to have the best Piano Moving experience with us. The service we offer is unbeatable without a doubt.

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