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International Moving made fast and easy

Make it fast and easy


It is the first step. The inquiry is received from the person who is moving or from the corporate, informing about the requirement, survey date, survey time, survey address, packing schedule and other related information

Pre Move Survey

On the basis of the inquiry, a pre move survey is conducted at the residence of the client. Survey is the most important step as the correctness of the estimate totally depends on the correctness of the pre move survey. If the survey is incorrect, the estimate will go haywire. It is very important that the person conducting the pre move survey is experienced and capable of conducting a proper survey and able explain the client on the documentation and the moving procedure.

Documentation & Insurance

It is advisable to complete the required documentation procedure including insurance valuation before starting the packing or during packing but before loading.


The estimate is prepared on the basis of the survey report it should give complete information to the client about the services included in the estimate and the services excluded in the estimate, so that the client is aware about the extra expenses to be paid at the destination, if any. The consignment volume, Mode of shipment, Price, Port of entry, payment terms, insurance premium, terms & conditions and validity of the estimate and all other related information should be clearly mentioned in the estimate.


It is the acceptance of the estimate in writing indicating the packing schedule, either by the individual who is moving or from the corporate. It is the proof for accepting the price and the terms & conditions mentioned in the estimate.

Packing & Removal

The packing & loading is carried out on the basis of the confirmation order. A professional moving company will pack all the items with good quality of packing material and with proper packing methods. Casing/Crating for the fragile, electronic & breakable goods, if required. One copy of the document such as packing inventory, insurance form etc is handed to the client at the time of removal.


By Air, Road & Sea after completing the entire procedure. A pre alert is sent to the client and the destination agent giving the entire details in writing.

Destination Services

It includes normal customs clearance in case of international move, transportation, unloading under normal access, unpacking, placing the furniture at the right place, normal assembling & clearing of debris.